> Pep's Carnet Adventure Photos

A - Curt & Pep Say Good-Bye

Curt Wilson of CIB bids Pep a fond farewell as Pep exits the office to begin his trip.

B - Pep Displays Carnet at US Customs

I had to get the carnet validated at customs before I left the US.

C - Stopover Before Macedonia

Stopover on the way to Macedonia: Frankfurt.

D - Modern Frankfurt

Part of the modern Frankfurt skyline.

E - Carnet Equipment in Tow

Touring Frankfurt before leaving for Macedonia.

F - Enjoying Germany's Entertainment.

Pep goofs off while sightseeing.

G - Pep at Customs in Macedonia

On arrival at Skopje I presented the carnet for validation at customs.

H - Pep's Hometown

A lcoal restaurant near Pep's hometown where you can catch your dinner in the lake.

I - ATA Caffe Opened by Pep!

Pep opens CIB's ATA Caffe in Macedonia!

J - Lake Ohrid, Struga

Pep visits Lake Ohrid in Struga, Macedonia.

K - Preparing to Climb Mt. Ljuboten

...Before the climb up beautiful Mt. Ljuboten. At 2,498 meters (8,195 feet) it is one of the tallest peaks in Macedonia.

KA - Mt. Ljuboten

Mt. Ljuboten sits on the northern border between Macedonia and Kosovo.

KB - Mt. Ljuboten

The rocky side Mt. Ljuboten, Macedonia.

KC - Mt. Ljuboten Puppy

This puppy will grow up to protect a sheep herd that grazes on Mt. Ljuboten. These dogs are used to ward off wolves and bears.

L - One Third of the Way...

One third of the way up Ljuboten.

M - Gasping for Air

Rest for air and to cool off on the way up Ljuboten.

N - Almost to the Top

Approaching the peak of Ljuboten.

O - Panoramic View from the Top

View from the top of Mt. Ljuboten.

P - Kosovo Border

I'm crossing the border into Kosovo with my carnet.


This statue honors a great military figure in the history of Albania. Skenderbeu is called the National Hero of Albania and is credited with uniting Albania amongst many other military successes.

R - Mother Theresa statue

I rest at the feet of a saint.

S - Balcony of Hotel Elit in Bulgaria

Pep relaxes during his carnet Odyssey.

T - Bulgarian Beach

Pep continues to relax on his carnet Odyssey!

U - Bulgarian Beach Redux

Apparently there are no clouds in Bulgaria!

V - Fast Food in Bulgaria

Pep enjoys a familiar McDonald's dinner during his vacation.

W - Nightlife in a Beach Town Bar

Pep entertains two German women tourists during his Eurpoean trek. Unfortunately he will not be able to bring his new-found friends back to the States under carnet!