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Peter Robinson

Glad to see that ATA Carnet has really caught on in a smaller country like Macedonia! Shows the value of this instrument for the traveler but also the importance that foreign customs attach to it! Happy onward travels.


I appreciate learning about the Customs officials in Macedonia. Pep, can you provide details from your past experiences without a carnet?


Pep, I will be travelling from the US in August to Tessaloniki, Greece with photography gear (on a carnet) and am wondering if you could tell me if I would could clear Macedonian Customs at the road border? Thanks, Mr.G.


Thanks for your comments. I apoligize for not responding to questions sooner. With regards to the question about my past travel experiences, this is the first time I have used a carnet. In the past, Macedonian customs has always tried to charge me duties and fees for items that I have brought with me. One time in particular, I brought some stereo equipment with me. Macedonian customs wanted to charge me nearly $400 in duties and fees. The items I had with me were valued at only about $300. This year, clearing customs was very easy because of the carnet. I was very surprised and relieved!

Mr. Gianapoulos,
I have not yet traveled to Greece from Macedonia. I will be doing so in the near future, before you travel. I am not exactly sure where I will be crossing the border, but I will make a write-up about about any issues that might arise.

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