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What items does Pep have on his General List? Are travelers required to list personal items?

Daniel P. McSweeney (ATA Carnet Rep)

Dear CarnetBoom,
I'm glad to see the amount of response we have received regarding Pep, and his trip abroad. Each day is a learning experience for all of us on his success using a carnet into Macedonia.

Stay tuned to Pep's blog for updates on his travels, which will help all of us understand foreign customs more clearly. Shortly you will see a photo gallery that consists many pictures of not only Pep's clearance of Customs, but his personal travels as well. Thanks for your input, and as always if you have any further questions, feel free to post here, or contact us at the ATA Carnet helpline at 1-800-282-2900

Daniel P. McSweeney(ATA Carnet Rep)

Dear CarnetBoom,
Pep is traveling with business & personal items, including his laptop (used for business as well as personal reasons) and camera (business and personal as well). It is common for int'l business travelers to list all equipment that they will be traveling with since those goods may be dutiable or taxable when they enter another country. If you play it safe, and by the books, when/if your goods be inspected, your ATA Carnet shuold have all of your dutiable/taxable items listed. If there's anything else I can help you with feel free to post a comment here, or give us a call at the ATA Carnet-helpline 800-282-2900. Thank You

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